Pistol Grip Bale Shut-Off

4080 Pistol Grip Bale Shut-Off

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4080 , 1-½" Female NP Inlet and 1-½" Male NP outlet
4080A , 1-½" Female NHT Inlet and 1-½" Male NHT outlet


• Lightweight, easy-grip bale valve.

• Finger grooved hand grips for better comfort.

• Connects to 1-½” fire hose, or with a 4082/4083 reducer, a 1” hose line.

• Manufactured from tough, corrosion-free, glass-reinforced polymers.

• Available in NHT(4080A), NP or BSP(4080B) threads.

• Handle Grips for the 4080 are available in Black, Blue, Orange
and Yellow. (eg. 4080GRPSBLUE, ORG, or YEL)


The Handle Grips for the 4080 Pistol Grip Bale Shut-Off are available in Kit form for retrofit for 4080s already in service. Includes a right and left side and stainless steel fasteners.

Available in Black, Orange, Yellow or Blue.

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