3-Way Valve

No. 4050 & 4050A 3-Way Valve

NP (Yellow)

NHT (Orange)

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Introducing the newly redesigned Scotty Firefighter 4050, 3-Way Valve. 
The handle has been shortened to accommodate Stortz and other large size fittings.  Pins have been added to the top of the handle for the use of a spanner wrench to facilitate turning the valve if needed.  Flow can be directed by turning the handle to one outlet, both outlets, or shut-off completely.

Manufactured from Ny-Glas, the Valve is durable, light-weight and corrosion proof.  Rated for safe working pressures of 300 psi (900 psi destruction tested)

4050, 3-Way Valve with three 1.5” NP Male Threads
4050A, 3-Way Valve with three 1.5” NHT Male Threads
4050QC3, 3-Way Valve with three 1.5” Fixed Quarter Turn Quick Connect

  • Specify NHT, NP or BSP male threads or with Scotty Quarter Turn Quick Connects

  • New shorter handle accommodates Stortz fittings

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